For more information about the IEEE TCRTS contact either


TCRTS manages a mailing list as well as this website for disseminating information on activities related to real-time systems that are partially or fully sponsored by TCRTS. If you would like to post an announcement to this mailing list, send the exact e-mail that you wish to distribute (exact subject line, content, attachments, etc. with no extra information) to

One of the communications coordinators (Harini Ramaprasad, Marko Bertogna or Insik Shin) will approve your e-mail for distribution once they verify the relevance and sponsorship.

If you would like to receive emails with announcements then send an email to

with no subject and only the text

subscribe tcrts

in the message body to subscribe to the moderated TCRTS mailing list <tcrts at>.

Discord server

TCRTS maintains a Discord server to support interaction within the community. Please feel free to use it for technical discussions, announcements, job advertisements, etc. It can be reached using the invitation link