Test-of-Time Awards

The Real-Time Systems Test-of-Time (ToT) Award recognizes papers that have had a sustained and significant impact on real-time systems research for at least one decade. Three types of awards are given:

  • The Real-Time Systems Test-of-Time Award, which recognizes papers published on any venue;
  • The RTSS Influential Paper Award, which recognizes papers published at RTSS;
  • The RTAS Influential Paper Award, which recognizes papers published at RTAS.

Look at the TCRTS Test-of-Time Award Regulation for more details:

A call for nominations will be issued for every edition.

2021 ToT Awards

Nomination procedure: A paper maybe nominated by any individual who has been a member of an RTSS or RTAS Technical Program Committee, by sending a nomination letter to baruah@wustl.edu by the deadline of October 1st, 2021. The nomination letter must contain the following information (a template is provided below):   

  1. The title, the author list, the publication year, and the journal or proceedings where the nominated paper has been published.  
  2. The name and affiliation of the nominator, and if appropriate, the relationship of the nominator to the authors. 
  3. An optional nomination statement (300 words maximum) highlighting reasons beyond bibliometric facts as to why the nominated paper is deserving of the award.   

Papers co-authored by the IEEE-TCRTS Chair or Vice Chair, or by members of the Selection Committee, are not eligible for nomination.  Currently the TCRTS Chair is Luis Almeida and the Vice Chair is Christopher Gill. The ToT Selection Committee for 2021 will be composed by:

  • Sanjoy Baruah (Chair)
  • Tei-Wei Kuo
  • Sharon Hu
  • Martina Maggio

Templates (.docx and .pdf) for nomination letter are below:

Check out the details and winners of the 2020 ToT awards here!