2021 TCRTS Test of Time Awards

The 2021 ToT Awards committee was composed by:

  • Sanjoy Baruah (Chair)
  • Tei-Wei Kuo
  • Sharon Hu
  • Martina Maggio

2021 Real-Time Systems Test-of-Time Award

  • Reinhold Heckmann, Marc Langenbach, Stephan Thesing, Reinhard Wilhelm
    The influence of processor architecture on the design and the results of WCET tools.
    Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 91, No. 7, pp. 1038-1054, July 2003.
    For pioneering the development of WCET-analysis techniques and tools.
  • Enrico Bini, Giorgio Buttazzo
    Measuring the performance of schedulability tests
    The Real-Time Systems Journal, Vol. 30, pp. 129ñ154, May 2005.
    For the UuniFast workload generation algorithm, which helped establish a rigorous methodology for experimental evaluation of scheduling and schedulability analysis algorithms.
  • Theodore P. Baker
    Stack-based scheduling of real-time processes
    The Real-Time Systems Journal, Vol. 3, pp. 67-99, March 1991.
    In recognition of the foundational nature of the Stack Resource Policy for arbitrating access to shared resources in an optimal manner with fixed and dynamic priority assignments.

2021 RTSS Influential Paper Award

  • Luca Abeni, Giorgio Buttazzo
    Integrating multimedia applications in hard-real-time systems
    Proceedings of the 19th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium, Madrid, Spain, December 2-4, 1998.
    In recognition of the pioneering role the Constant Bandwidth Server has played in developing an EDF-based scheduling framework.

2021 RTAS Influential Paper Award

(to be disclosed at RTAS 2022)