EPS Reliability Technical Committee

The reliability TC meet every quarter on Webex and a face to face meeting every year at ECTC conference.  The following are the major missions and visions of the reliability TC.

Identify the current reliability challenges

Advanced packaging technologies

Advanced materials/interconnects

Advanced packaging assembly processes

Package board and advanced Si BEOL/FEOL interactions

Develop the reliability roadmap on emerging technologies/devices/materials in 5 and 10 years

IC Component and System – with the HIR (Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap) Task Groups

Si – with IRDS TWGs

SiC/GaN/GaAs/InP –  with Wide Bandgap Roadmap; Ask for expert in SiC/GaN; EPOSS in Europe

Organize seminars/workshop and work with the major conferences to cover the challenging reliability issues


The following PDCs have been conducted at EPTC

  • EPTC2018, Advanced Integrated Circuit Design for Reliability, Dr. Richard Rao
  •      EPTC2019, Reliability Mechanics and Modeling for IC Packaging – Theory, Implementation and Practices, Prof. Xuejun Fan, Lamar University

The committee has identified the following challenging reliability issues and will schedule webinars to address each of these topics.

Multi physics and multi scale interactions

Thermal, mechanical and electrical

Chip to package to board interaction mechanisms

Chip, package and system Reliability co-design/simulation

Advanced 2.5D/3D/2.x D IC and Si Photonics packages with new materials and multiple critical interfaces

GPU/CPU/FPGA with advanced Si/packaging to meet stringent automotive reliability targets

Si nodes beyond 5nm – new FET architecture/material/process/interface characterization

Reliability testing- With the silicon process and package process/material change dramatically, current JEDEC long term reliability standard need to be updated

If you are interested in joining the committee or want to know more information, please contact the following individuals.

Dr. Richard Rao, rrao@inphi.com, Reliability TC Chair, USA

Dr. Xueren Zhang, XUERENZ@xilinx.com, Reliability TC Co-Chair, Asia

Dr. Gromala Przemyslaw Jakub, PrzemyslawJakub.Gromala@de.bosch.com, Reliability TC Co-Chair, Europe

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