The IEEE HackTech COVID is an new IEEE R9 initiative driven by R9 YP (Young Professionals)  and R9 SIGHT (Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology). Also, IEEE HackTech COVID is an online hackathon that seeks to generate technology-based solutions that contribute to solving the health, social and economic crisis caused by COVID19.

Date: April 17-19, 2020


IEEE HackTech COVID will focus in the following 3 topics:

1) Protect our lives
2) Protect our communities
3) Project our jobs

🏆 Award
✅ US$ 1,000 as seed funding for the project
✅ Scholarship to business incubator support
✅ Support to connect with investors and additional project funds.

 Teams from Latin America and the Caribbean
 IEEE and non-IEEE members

IEEE HackTech COVID will not only aim to inspire the following Startups, it also intends that we all work collaboratively, driven by the mission of fighting the current global crisis.

☝ Sign up for your team (4 to 8 members) or sign up individually. ➤ there are requirements, you just have access to the internet and want to make a difference 💪

HackTech COVID not only aims to inspire the following Latin American startups, it aims to help them work together: entrepreneurs, experts, developers and innovators driven by the mission to combat this global crisis.


Sign up and have the advice of mentors and experts in the field, we have the support of companies and organizations, and we also have seed capital to materialize your idea. Register with your team (4 to 8 people) or individually, there are no requirements, you just have to have internet access and want to make a difference.

– Be our partner –

Do you want to support us in the HackTech COVID, as a company or organization? Do you want to help us cover our costs or contribute to the concrete implementation or continuation of solutions developed after the Hackathon? Your support is welcome!



  • Global impact: participants from all continents
  • + 1000 participants registered
  • + 230 mentors
  • + 150 projects developed
  • 3 winning projects
  • USD $ 3,000 in prizes (up to $ 1,000 each)

▸Advice for IEEE funds (in process)

  • 15 projects advised to obtain funds (IEEE HAC / SIGHT)
  • Incubation of 3 projects in Entrepreneurship Centers (in process)

IEEE HackTech COVID projects

You can access the IEEE HackTech COVID projects in the following link:

TOP 15 IEEE HackTech COVID projects


MAMBU project



Ec5vid_UV-Safe project



SophiTech COVID.AR