Welcome to the IEEE PES AMPS DSAS Test Feeder Working Group

The Working Group began as an informal Task Force with four radial test feeders that were originally presented at the 1991 Winter Power Meeting. A fifth test feeder was added to focus on transformer connections. The paper was presented at the 2001 Winter Power Meeting and was published in the Transactions. You can find several papers on IEEE Xplore from panel sessions at various IEEE PES conferences up through 2009 where results for the test feeders were compared. Search for papers by Kersting, Dugan, and Carneiro, Jr., as well as others.  The working group has continued to grow and create new use cases as new questions arise:

  • At the 2009 IEEE PES PSCE a roadmap was described for the future test cases the WG is developing.
  • Three new test cases were introduced at the 2010 T&D Conference in New Orleans.
  • A protection case was added in 2011 along with short circuit solutions for all of the original feeders.
  • In 2014, a small-scale, low-voltage, urban-core network was added.
  • In 2015, a European (UK) test case was created.

All of the circuit models can be found on the Resources page.

The WG meets every year at the PES General Meeting and is actively developing new test cases:

  • Quasi-static time series
  • Chinese circuit
  • Large-scale, urban-core network
  • Microgrid

NEWS: New journal article published summarizing working group efforts and intended uses of Test Feeders.

(2017) P. Schneider, B. A. Mather, B. C. Pal, C. W. Ten, G. J. Shirek, H. Zhu, J. C. Fuller, J. L. R. Pereira, L. F. Ochoa, L. R. de Araujo, R. C. Dugan, S. Matthias, S. Paudyal, T. E. McDermott, and W Kersting, “Analytic Considerations and Design Basis for the IEEE Distribution Test Feeders,” IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, vol. PP, no. 99, pp. 1-1, 2017.