IEEE PES Transmission & Distribution Committee

The Transmission & Distribution Committee of the IEEE Power & Energy Society focuses on all matters related to the design, theoretical and experimental performance, installation, and service operation of parts of electric power systems that serve to transmit electric energy between the generating sources and substations or customer points of common coupling through AC or DC lines.

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The Transmission & Distribution Committee is a technical committee of the IEEE PES Technical Council.

The scope of the committee includes the following areas:

  • Overhead and underground AC and DC transmission and distribution systems
  • Flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS)
  • Overhead conductors
  • Environmental impact of transmission lines
  • Lightning phenomena
  • Secondary network systems
  • Insulated line conductors
  • Structural coordination and mechanical problems of transmission lines
  • Switching surges and overvoltage phenomena
  • Insulation coordination (jointly with other Committees)
  • Inductive coordination
  • Corona, electric fields, and magnetic fields
  • Towers, poles, insulators, and hardware
  • Shunt and series capacitors
  • Engineering in the safety, maintenance, and operation of lines
  • Harmonics and power quality
  • Distributed resources and distributed generation
  • Superconductivity analysis and devices
  • Integration of renewable energy sources into T&D systems
  • Security in T&D systems

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