The IEEE PES Substations Committee has subcommittees dedicated to Electrical Design, Civil Design, Grounding and Lightning, FACTS and HVDC Stations, and Gas Insulated Substations.

SCD0 - Electrical Substation Design

Responsible for treatment of all matters pertaining to the design and construction of Transmission and Distribution Substations, and the application of switching devices and other equipment, instrumentation and protective and control equipment in Transmission and Distribution Substations.

Shashikant Patel
D0 Chair

Public Service Electric and Gas

Vice Chair

Position Vacant

Richard Crowdis
D0 Secretary

Black & Veatch

SCE0 - Substation Civil Design

Responsible for treatment of all matters relating to safety, operations and location of transmission and distribution substations as to their effect on personnel and the environment of the adjacent community.

Alex Kladiva
SCE0 Chair

Burns & McDonnell

SCE0 Vice-Chair
SCE0 Secretary

SCG0 - Substation Grounding & Lightning

Don Wengerter
SCG0 Chair

Wisconsin Public Service

Eduardo Ramirez
SCG0 Vice-Chair

Xcel Energy

SCG0 Secretary

SCI0 - FACTS & HVDC Stations

Responsible for treatment of all matters relating to design, construction, and operation of AC substations using HV power electronics as part of the electrical power system, including FACTS and HVDC converter stations.

Jan Paramalingam
SCI0 Chair

POWER Engineers

Geza Joos
SCI0 Vice-Chair

McGill University

David Langner
SCI0 Secretary

Siemens Energy

SCK0 - Gas Insulated Substations

Responsible for review, study, and document the design, application, installation, testing, operating and maintenance practices for gas-insulated substations (GIS) rated 1 kV and above, gas-insulated transmission lines (GIL) rated 72.5 kV and above and Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) gas.

Ryan Stone
SCK0 Chair

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.

Peter Grossmann
SCK0 Vice-Chair


Dave Mitchell
SCK0 Secretary

Mitch and Associates