SCI0 - FACTS and HVDC Stations

WGI9 – Modern Protection System for Static Shunt Compensation

Scope: The control and protection system plays an essential role in the overall performance of Static Shunt Compensation (i.e. SVC and STATCOM) applications to enhance the reliability of transmission systems.  Static Shunt Compensation systems are custom designed according to one of several topologies intended for specific applications. An extensive protection system is ultimately intended to make use of the maximum operational limits of the equipment. Modern protection systems are increasingly fully integrated with the development of communication protocol and multifunctional IEDs. The Working Group shall investigate design and recommend modern practices for transmission Static Static Shunt Compensation protection to enhance reliable operation.

Standard: PC37.431.20 – Guide for Protecting Transmission Static Shunt Compensators (formerly P1032)

Working Group Officers:

Mikael Halonen
WGI9 Chair


Joe Warner
WGI9 Vice-Chair


Marty Cameron
WGI9 Secretary

Xcel Energy