SCI0 - FACTS and HVDC Stations

WGI8 – Power Electronic Building Block

Scope: Power Electronics Building Block is a broad concept that incorporates individually or collectively progressive integration of power devices, gate drives, snubbers and other components to functional blocks resulting in reduced cost, losses, weight, size and engineering effort for the application of power electronics. Looking at other means of integration, such as layout of Building Blocks, bus work connecting the Building Blocks and standardization in order to derive the maximum benefits from integration concepts.

Standard: IEEE 1676-2010 – IEEE Guide for Control Architecture for High Power Electronics (1 MW and Greater) Used in Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Systems

Working Group Officers:

Herbert Ginn
WGI8 Chair

South Carolina University

Aniruddha M. Gole
WGI8 Vice-Chair

University of Manitoba

Erwin Dirks
WGI8 Secretary

University of Manitoba