SCI0 - FACTS and HVDC Stations

WGI10 – High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC)

Scope: Welcome to the I10 HVDC Working Group webpage. Our goal is to foster an IEEE HVDC community focused on HVDC LCC and VSC converter technologies, with the intent to bring in HVDC subject matter experts from diverse backgrounds and stimulate fruitful conversations. More specifically, our objective is to inform the HVDC end-users, industry, and academic community regarding the best practices and applications in the field. Our activities include the development of technical standards and functional guides targeted at the end-user. We continuously strive to coordinate and collaborate with other committees and organizations involved in HVDC subject matter.

IEEE 1240-2000 – IEEE Guide for the Evaluation of the Reliability of HVDC Converter Stations
IEEE 1378-1997 – IEEE Guide for Commissioning High-Voltage Direct-Current (HVDC) Converter Stations and Associated Transmission Systems
P2656 – Guide for Functional Specification of Voltage-Sourced Converter for HVDC Stations

Working Group Officers:

John Chahwan
WGI10 Chair

SNC-Lavalin Inc.

Geza Joos
WGI10 Vice-Chair

McGill University

Julie Lacroix
WGI10 Secretary