IEEE PES Substations Committee Documents

Committee Documents

Committee managed documents are available here, as well as links to related governing documents hosted elsewhere.

Annual Reports:

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Organization & Procedures

The Substations Committee is governed by the IEEE PES Technical Council and the IEEE Standards Association. An Organization and Procedures Manual is the primary governing document for all matters, except standards development. Below is the order of precedence for the Organization and Procedures with respective links.

Policies & Procedures for Standards Development

The Substations Committee creates and manages standards. The following policies and procedures govern the process. Additionally, Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised are invaluable for keeping meetings orderly and on track. The IEEE Standards Robert’s Rules of Order are provided for convenience if unfamiliar or in need of a refresher.

For a full list of standards managed by the PES Substations Committee, please visit our standards page.

IEEE Patent Policy

IEEE-SA Standards Board updated the Patent Policy, including the patent slides that are to be shown before every working group meeting.