123Signup Association Management System

The Substations Committee is now using a system which improves how we communicate within the Substations Committee, and administrate our membership and meeting attendance records. This web-based system allows the 40+ subcommittees, working groups, task forces, and liaison associations to communicate more effectively via email messages. Fewer bounced emails will result because individual contact information is “self-maintained” and is stored in a single relational database used by all functions of the system. Activity leaders (Subcommittee, Working Group, and Task Force officers) can print meeting rosters and maintain meeting attendance records. The 123SignUp Association Management (AM) System also provides a more efficient and cost-effective on-line meeting registration.

How to Enroll

There are essentially three levels of membership in the system:

  • Committee Member (a “full voting member” of the Committee)
  • Active Participant (not a Committee Member, but an active contributor and meeting attendee)
  • Interested Individual (a “remote observer” and supporter of the Committee’s scope)

Anyone can enroll in the AM System — even those who desire to passively monitor our work from a distance. Initially, a person is automatically enrolled as an Interested Individual. Once Committee membership or regular participation is validated, enrollment is upgraded to Active Participant and eventually Committee Member. We welcome you to join and participate in the scope of our work!

Sign Up for 123Signup

Modify Your Personal Profile

Once enrolled, it is important to maintain your email address and other contact information.

View/Modify Your Personal 123Signup Profile

Committee membership status (Committee Member, Active Participant, Interested Individual) can be determined by logging in and viewing your profile. If you suspect your membership status is incorrect, contact the system administrator (Substations Committee Secretary). Your concerns will be addressed by the appropriate Subcommittee, Working Group, or Task Force officers.

Control Center

If you are a Substations Committee activity leader (SC/WG/TF chair, vice-chair, or secretary), you can be given limited administrative rights to the system to populate and manage a portion of the system. You may also print meeting rosters and record attendance at a meeting. If you are a new activity leader, please contact the Committee Officers to request admin rights in 123Signup.

Activity Leaders: Use this link to access your activity: Control Center

AM System – Control Center Instructions 05-2012