IEEE PES Renewable Systems Integration Coordinating Committee Meeting
Virtual Annual Meeting, October 6th 2021

11.00-11.30: Part 1: RSICC Administrative Items

-Introductions and Agenda Review
-Review minutes of previous meeting (Aidan Tuohy)
-Technical Committee Program Chair Report (Miaolei Shao)
-Officer roster (Andy Leon)
-Mailing list – transition from 123Signup.

11.30-12.20: Part 2: Liaison Reports from SC/WG/TF liaisons

-1-2 slides from each related activity (or verbal presentation)
-Summarize history, membership, deliverables, opportunities to engage, future directions/needs

12.20-12.30: Break

12.30-13.00: Part 3: Overview of Relevant Sessions from IEEE PES GM

-Overview of Related Sessions across PES GM (Aidan Tuohy)
-Short review by session chairs of presentations, discussion, outcomes etc.
i. Grid forming inverters – Andrew Isaacs/Electranix
ii. Resource adequacy – Aidan
iii. Grid edge – YC
iv. Impact of climate change – Miaolei

13.00-13:30: Part 4: Recent highlights from IEEE PES

-3-5 recent deliverables/reports, described in more detail
-P2800, Jens
-Global Power Systems Transformation, Charlie
-Wind and Solar plant design WG by Loren Powers?
-Modeling updates from Deepak Ramasubramanian and Ryan Quint
-Smart Grid updates from Pete Wung

13.30-14.00: Part 5: Discussion Next Steps
-Charlie Smith, ESIG 2021 Update
-Potential TF/WG gaps/overlaps around RSI topics
-Ideas for future panels/sessions
-Transmission Planning
-Future activities in RSICC or in PES