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Investigate various aspects of the dynamic performance of power systems at the level of a given machine, a company or area, or for the entire interconnected power system. This includes all aspects of power system stability, voltage and frequency regulation, and power system control that relate both to the assessment and enhancement of power system dynamic performance. This also includes control theory, modelling and computer simulation techniques that relate to the assessment and enhancement of power system dynamic performance. The committee is composed of numerous working groups (WGs) and task forces (TFs) that span its area of activity. These WGs and TFs report to two subcommittees under the committee: the Power System Stability Subcommittee and the Power System Stability Controls Subcommittee. The committee thus initiates and coordinates WGs, TFs, symposia, panel session and tutorials related to power system dynamic performance. The committee also cooperates with other interested groups in the development of standards that affect system dynamic performance, and where possible, with other groups on analytical models which affect system dynamic performance.

Subject Areas


1Power system dynamic modeling: components and systems
2Power system stability: phenomena, analysis, and techniques
3Power system stability controls: design and applications
4Monitoring and measurement of power system dynamic performance (including synchrophasor measurements)
5Power system interaction with turbine generators
6Power system dynamic performance of cyber-physical energy systems
7Modeling and dynamic performance of microgrids and distributed energy systems
8Power system restoration dynamics
9Dynamic security assessment: techniques and applications, risk-based methods
10Modeling and dynamic performance of renewable energy systems
11Simulation of large interconnected power systems: modeling issues and solution schemes
12Benchmark systems for power system dynamic analysis

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