IEEE PES Power Quality Subcommittee

The IEEE PES Power Quality Subcommittee is a Responsible Subcommittee of the Transmission & Distribution Committee, which is a technical committee within the IEEE Power & Energy Society.

The scope of the subcommittee has the following focus areas:

  • Treatment of all matters of definitions, monitoring, benchmarking, assessment, indices, and solutions to power quality phenomena in transmission and distribution systems
  • Treatment of harmonic distortion in transmission and distribution systems including limits, modeling, probabilistic aspects, interharmonics, and waveform distortion
  • Treatment of voltage quality issues including assessment of voltage fluctuation monitoring and limits and definition of voltage sag indices
  • Treatment of power quality solutions including custom power equipment applications and evaluation of power system compatibility with end-use equipment

For policies and procedures of the subcommittee and its working groups, refer to the policies and procedures of the IEEE PES Transmission & Distribution Committee.