Technical papers & presentations

Common table for papers and presentations.


2019 SummerBatteries & Energy Storage: Values for Electric UtilitiesBrunton
2019 SummerNEC UL 9540A Testing and ResultsNEC Energy Solutions
2019 SummerEnergy Storage for Voltage Smoothing in Distribution System With High PV PenetrationDavid Rosewater
2019 SummerNFPA 855, UL9540 and UL9540AJose Marrero
2019 SummerUL9540A TestingAndrew Miraldi
2019 SummerEnergy Storage and RenewablesJim McDowall
2019 SummerEnergy Storage for PV SystemsRob Rallo
2019 SummerRenewable Energy with Energy Storage SystemsDavid Franklin
2019 WinterIEEE data privacy tutorialIEEE
2019 WinterValue based maintenanceDan Martin
2019 WinterTelecom battery maintenanceCurtis Ashton
2018 NovBattery Gassing Calculator-
2018 WinterCode compliance for stationary battery systems-
2018 WinterCodes and Standards for ESS - David ConoverD Conover
2018 WinterLithium Battery Issues in a Stationary Environment - Rafter and McDowallRafter & McDowall
2018 WinterTransmission Engineering - James HoustonJ Houston
2018 WinterLithium Operating Issues in a Stationary EnvironmentJ McDowall
2018 WinterParticipation in NFPA (SCC-18) /a>B Cantor
2017 SummerEnergy Storage TutorialMultiple
2017 SummerData InterpretationR Tressler
2017 SummerData AnalysisJ Polenz
2017 SummerInter Cell Connection Resistance and batery capacity test dataS Salgia
2017 WinterEnergy Storage - The FutureMultiple
2017 WinterDC Arc Flash Analysis Fundamental Concepts and StandardsR Veeraraghavan
2017 WinterDC Arc FlashD Franklin
2017 WinterUnderstanding Chargers Contribution to DC Arc FlashR Hutchins
2016 SummerReplacing 1E Batteries and Murphy's LawCasey
2016 SummerCommon Problems with TestingSalgia
2016 SummerIEEE presentation on battery technologyBailey
2016 SummerWhat can go wrong with a capacity testPolenz
2016 SummerPractical Testing IssuesBeavers
2016 SummerIEEE Summer ChicagoTressler
2016 SummerUsing Battery Modeling as a sizing toolJim McDowall
2016 SummerLead Acid Battery ModellingFrank Garcia
2016 SummerIntro to IEEE 450 Annex J battery modelPaul Hectors
2016 WinterPSoC Ultra batteryEast Penn
2016 WinterPSOC operationCurtis Ashton
2016 WinterLithium-ion batteries in PSOC operationJim McDowall
2016 WinterJTCM Mtg Committee Reorg Summary
2016 WinterCharging VRLA BatteriesDan Lambert
2015 WinterUnderstanding Li-ionJim McDowall
2015 WinterLithium ion in stationary battery applicationsJose Marrero
2015 WinterDC System Failure Modes (Utility)Kurt Uhlir
2015 WinterDC System Failure Modes Part 1Allen Byrne
2015 WinterDC System Failure Modes Part 2Allen Byrne
2015 WinterDC System Failure Modes Part 3
2015 WinterCentral Desktop PresentationIEEE
2015 WinterA Guide to Lithium ion safetyJim McDowall