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Feb 10

ESSB 2020 Meeting – Orlando FL

February 10, 2020 - February 14, 2020


Richard Timothy “Uncle Timmy” Bolgeo

It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Tim Bolgeo a long time ESSB contributor.  The obituary for Tim can be found here.

ESSB Next Meeting – Santa Fe

Semi-annual ESSB face-to-face meeting:  June 24-28, Santa Fe NM Hilton Plaza.  Highlights include new work on Engine start battery, battery BMS (Battery Management System), non NiCd alkaline chemistries, and flow battery chemistries; and 2 hour each symposiums on Renewable Generation with BESS (Battery Energy Storage System and associated EMS (Energy Management System), and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 855 and UL 9540A large-scale BESS fire testing.

NFPA 855

The Codes Working Group has been hard at work trying to mitigate unnecessary implications for existing applications of lead-acid and NiCd batteries in the forthcoming NFPA 855 standard, including the submission of 5 NITMAMs (Notice of Intent to Make a Motion) for voting at the upcoming NFPA General Technical meeting on June 20th in San Antonio.

Battcon Hall of Fame 2019

Past SBEE (Stationary Battery and Electro-chemical Energy storage) subcommittee chair Kurt Uhlir received the Battcon Hall of Fame award on April 24th at the annual Battcon conference in recognition for his contributions to the battery industry

The IEEE PES annual General Meeting is coming up August 4-8 in Atlanta.  This includes a 4-hr “super session” on energy storage co-chaired by ESSB vice-chair Babu Chalamala, who is also the Director of Energy Storage Programs at Sandia National Laboratories.

Jan Reber

It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Jan Reber a long time ESSB contributor.  The obituary for Jan can be found here https://www.stitzelfuneralhome.com/notices/Jan-Reber

The 2018 Summer ESSB Committee Meeting a Solid Success

Jim McDowall was awarded with the IEEE ESSB Technical Committee 2018 Outstanding Service Award. The Award was presented to Jim by Shanon Nason, PES Membership Services Administrator along with Lesley Varga, our ESSB Awards Chair.



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16 different Working Groups held individual sessions during the week. The Wednesday evening social networking event was enjoyed by all. The Energy Storage and Stationary Battery Committee General Meeting was attended by nearly over 100 individuals at the IEEE Society Headquarters in Piscataway, NJ on June 25.




NFPA 855 Fire and Safety Code Meetings Create Some Controversy

Bill Cantor, ESSB Safety Codes Working Group Chair and IEEE SCC 18 representative to the 855 Committe, along with several members of the ESSB Committee attended two NFPA 855 Committee meetings in Salt Lake City, UT and NFPA HQ in Quincy, MA this past month. NFPA 855 is being drafted to serve safety issues related to installation and maintenance for all batteries and some other technologies that will function as energy storage devices in the new ESS arena. At issue is whether lead-acid batteries used in traditional stand-by applications should be subject to the special requirements being assigned to the newer BESS technologies, especially since lead-acid has an established safety history and is already governed by a number of NFPA and UL codes. A major WG session will be led by Bill at our upcoming February 2019 meeting in Phoenix. See the February meeting agenda and notice for details.

ESSB Creates a special ESS Tutorial Task Force

As a result of the growing interest in energy storage systems and its related technologies, ESSB has created a special Task Force, headed up by ESSB member Ralph Masiello. Ralph has years of experience as a P.E. in the regulatory and application aspects of ESS. He currently consults on behalf of Quanta Technologies, and is respected globally for his expertise in ESS issues. Joining him on the Task Force is Curtis Ashton, ESSB Chair Elect; Babu Chalamala, ESSB Vice-Chair Elect; Jim McDowall, ESSB Standards Coordinator; Charlie Vartanian, SCC 21 Treasurer, Co-Chair of the Joint SCC 21/PES/ESSB Energy Storage Task Force and member of the ESSB Committee. Chris Searles will continue as a member of this task force as well. The Task Force will evaluate invitations to conduct tutorials and other educational events, and manage the process of these events in concert with Dean Fiorino, IEEE Senior Staff advisor.