The Safety Codes WG will host a special all-day meeting (8:00 am – 3:30 pm) featuring a presentation and discussion with Laurie Fletcher, Principal Engineer, Stationary & Motive Batteries, Fuel Cells & Capacitors on UL Standards affecting batteries and their use in standby vs. energy storage applications.  Attention will be paid to UL 9540, 9540A, 1973, and a Task Force Approach to Appendix D within 9540 as it relates to NFPA 855.  Anyone interested in the impact of the new NFPA 855, UL 9540  and testing requirements prescribed in UL 9540A should plan to attend this important session.

ESSB Next Meeting – Orlando

The next general meeting and on-site working groups of the IEEE ESSB Committee will be held at the DoubleTree Orlando SeaWorld hotel Feb 10-14th.  There are still rooms available but we recommend registering quickly as February will be here before you know it.  Click on the ‘Upcoming Events’ link now to complete your registration and review the agenda.  A special Task Force meeting of the ESSB Safety Codes WG in concert w/ UL will address major issues surrounding testing and exemptions for lead-acid batteries on Thursday, Feb 13. More details to follow.

NFPA 855

NFPA 855 has been released as a published standard and copies are available at the  website.  The NFPA Committee will hold their first official meeting to begin work on the 2nd revision March 24-26 2020.  Location and agenda details are currently being worked out.  Interested parties are welcome to attend as guests.  If interested, sign-up at

ESSB Creates a special ESS Tutorial Task Force

As a result of the growing interest in energy storage systems and its related technologies, ESSB has created a special Task Force, headed up by ESSB member Ralph Masiello. Ralph has years of experience as a P.E. in the regulatory and application aspects of ESS. He currently consults on behalf of Quanta Technologies, and is respected globally for his expertise in ESS issues. Joining him on the Task Force is Curtis Ashton, ESSB Chair Elect; Babu Chalamala, ESSB Vice-Chair Elect; Jim McDowall, ESSB Standards Coordinator; Charlie Vartanian, SCC 21 Treasurer, Co-Chair of the Joint SCC 21/PES/ESSB Energy Storage Task Force and member of the ESSB Committee. Chris Searles will continue as a member of this task force as well. The Task Force will evaluate invitations to conduct tutorials and other educational events, and manage the process of these events in concert with Dean Fiorino, IEEE Senior Staff advisor.

The ESSB Committee has been chosen to conduct an Energy Storage Tutorial at the upcoming IEEE T&D and IEEE PES General Meetings.  A special tutorial will also be given in Tempe Arizona at ASU on Friday March 20th.

Richard Timothy “Uncle Timmy” Bolgeo and Jan Reber

As we start the new year we do want to remember those we lost in 2019.  Two key people who played a big role with the ESSB Committee (and formerly the Stationary Battery Committee) were Jan Reber and Tim Bolgeo.  They definitely be missed going forward.

IEEE Fellow

The IEEE ESSB Committee gained two fellows when its expansion from just the SBC to the ESSB Committee was created.  However, the ESSB Committee is honored to congratulate Jim McDowall, a long-serving member of the SBC, the ESSB Committee, the IEEE Standards Association, and current ESSB Standards Coordinator, for being chosen as a fellow – the first original SBC member to be so inducted.  He will be formally inducted at the IEEE PES General Meeting in Montreal the week of August 6th. Again, congratulations Jim!

Battcon Hall of Fame 2019

Past SBEE (Stationary Battery and Electro-chemical Energy storage) subcommittee chair Kurt Uhlir received the Battcon Hall of Fame award on April 24th at the annual Battcon conference in recognition for his contributions to the battery industry.