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Welcome to the IEEE PES AMPS Distribution System Analysis Subcommittee

The SCOPE of the subcommittee is to

  1. Investigate the development and application of analytical methodologies and computational techniques for solving, analysis, computing, application, and management of distribution system problems.
  2. Sponsor and promote technical papers, technical sessions, and workshops for effective dissemination of technical knowledge related to the subcommittee activities.
  3. Coordinate such activities where appropriate with other IEEE committees and subcommittees.

The subcommittee’s intent is to focus on the following topics.


  • Computational methods
  • Algorithm development
  • System modeling and analysis
  • Data modeling
  • Applications
  • Control methods
  • Design tools
  • Test systems
  • Data storage and recovery


  • Application of intelligent techniques
  • Power quality and harmonic propagation
  • Protection methods