In the 2020 PES HPSBCP, IEEE PES SB chapters reported +2,000 activities in energy field.

In 2020, PES HPSBCP was divided into regional categories with the following rewards:

  • 1st regional position: US$ 500
  • 2nd regional position: US$ 400
  • 3rd regional position: US$ 300
  • Another regional position: between US$ 250 and US$ 150

Also, the best PES HPSBCP score provided the outstanding IEEE PES SB chapter (US$ 1,000)

The UFCG PES SB chapter (Northeast Brazil Section, IEEE Region 9) is the 2020 Outstanding IEEE PES SB chapter.

The PES HPSBCP score is based on the following topics:

1 Technical Activities
2 Tours and technical visits

3. Membership growth

4.Retention Activities

5. Membership elevation

6. Membership Recognition Activities
7. Activities to recognize IEEE PES volunteers
8. IEEE STEP (Student Transition & Elevation Partnership) activities
9. IEEE PES Women in Power activities
10. IEEE_PES humanitarian activities
11. IEEE_PES pre-university activities
12. Engage with official IEEE PES programs (IEEE PES Day celebration and IEEE PES Zero Hunger Day)
13. IEEE PES eNews Update articles

14. Interaction with other IEEE units
14.A. Interaction with IEEE SB
14.B. Interaction with IEEE Section
14.C. Interaction with other IEEE PES student chapters
14.D. Interaction with local IEEE PES Section Chapter
14.E. Interaction with local IEEE YP AG (and/or IEEE PES YP)
14.F. Interaction with local IEEE WIE AG

15. Educational Activities
16.A Conference Activities (organized)
16.B Conference Activities (attended)
17. Other Activities

IEEE Region 1-7 (USA and Canada)

1st IEEE R1-7 position
Texas A&M Univ-College Station,IA34/PE31/PEL35
"For continuously hosting Exceptional Technical Meetings to Enhance the membership experience of the student branch chapter members"

2nd IEEE R1-7 position
Georgia Institute of Technology PES SB chapter
"For continuously organizing high-quality technical activities, social activities and contribution to the award-winning Haiti Solar initiatives."

3rd IEEE R1-7 position
University Of Central Florida PES SB chapter


Regional positionOfficial IEEE PES SB chapter nameIEEE SectionIEEE RegionCountryFinal PES HPSBCP score (%)Reward (US$)PES HPSBCP report
1Texas A&M Univ-College Station,IA34/PE31/PEL35Houston Section5USA32.4500Yes
2Georgia Institute of Technology,PE31Atlanta Section3USA18.07400Yes
3University Of Central Florida,PE31Orlando Section3USA15.84300Yes
4University of Idaho, PE31Palouse Section6USA10.9150Yes

IEEE Region 8 (Africa, Europe, Middle East)

1st IEEE R8 position
University of Jordan PES SB chapter
"Maintained a very good balance between all the activities to be considered in the PES HPSBCP reports and strong activities in technical conferences."

2nd IEEE R8 position
Univ of Manchester PES SB chapter
"Strong in organizing technical activities and technical visits collaborating with IEEE Sections, YP, WIE, WIP."

3rd IEEE R8 position
Moi University PES SB chapter
"Always focused in Humanitarian, educational and UN Sustainable Development Goals."


Regional positionOfficial IEEE PES SB chapter nameIEEE SectionIEEE RegionCountryFinal PES HPSBCP score (%)RewardPES HPSBCP
1University of Jordan, PE31Jordan Section8Jordan31.78500Yes
2Univ of Manchester, PE31United Kingdom and Ireland Section8United Kingdom31.3400Yes
3Moi University,PE31Kenya Section8Kenya27.74300Yes
4Universidade do Porto, PE31Portugal Section8Portugal26.45250Yes
5Helwan Univ, PE31Egypt Section8Egypt23.51200Yes
6Budapest Univ of Tech & Economics,IA34/PE31Hungary Section8Hungary19.3200Yes
7Al-Balqa Applied Univ, PE31/IA34Jordan Section8Jordan16200Yes
8Nat'l Inst of Applied Sci & Tech (INSAT),PE31Tunisia Section8Tunisia12.94150Yes
9National Technical Univ of Athens(NTUA),SEN39/PE31Greece Section8Greece12.94150Yes
10Middle East Technical Univ - Northern Cyprus, PE31Turkey Section8Cyprus10.2150Yes
11Democritus Univ Of Thrace,PE31Greece Section8Greece10.2150Yes
12El Shorouk Academy,PE31Egypt Section8Egypt5.5150Yes
13Jomo Kenyatta Univ Of Agriculture & Tech,PE31Kenya Section8Kenya5.37150Yes
14National Engineering School of Gabes (ENIG), PE31Tunisia Section8Tunisia2.25150Yes
15National School of Elect & Telecom (ENET'Com),PE31Tunisia Section8Tunisia-0No
16University of Southampton, PE31United Kingdom and Ireland Section8United Kingdom-0No

IEEE Region 9 (Latin America)

1st IEEE R9 position and Global position
Federal Univ of Campina Grande, PE31
"For being a team that with much encouragement to develop technical and social activities. In which the participation of women in engineering is remarkable."

2nd IEEE R9 position
Universidade Federal da Paraiba,PE31
"For being a team that seeks to complement its integral development with humanitarian activities and focused on the Objectives of Sustainable Development."

3rd IEEE R9 position
Universidad Nat'l San Antonio Abad del Cusco,PE31
"As a team that carried out excellent technical activities and technical visits, they have been able to connect with all levels of PES. Excellent leadership and fellowship"

Regional positionOfficial IEEE PES SB chapter nameIEEE SectionIEEE RegionCountryFinal PES HPSBCP score (%)Reward (US$)PES HPSBCP report
1Federal Univ of Campina Grande, PE31Northeast Brazil Section9Brazil66.591000 (Oustanding R1-10 IEEE PES SB chapter)Yes
2Universidade Federal da Paraiba,PE31Northeast Brazil Section9Brazil64.48400Yes
3Universidad Nat'l San Antonio Abad del Cusco,PE31Peru Section9Peru49.51300Yes
4Tucuman Nacional Univ De, PE31Argentina Section9Argentina46.91250Yes
5Fundacao Universidade Federal do ABC, PE31South Brazil Section9Brazil46.04250Yes
6Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro,PE31/IA34Rio De Janeiro Section9Brazil44.82250Yes
7Universidad de el Salvador, PE31El Salvador Section9El Salvador42.58250Yes
8Univ Federal do Reconcavo da Bahia UFB, PE31Northeast Brazil Section9Brazil41.25250Yes
9Univ Federal De Juiz De Fora, PE31Minas Gerais Section9Brazil41.11250Yes
10Univ Federal Fluminense - Uff, PE31Rio De Janeiro Section9Brazil39.91250Yes
11Universidad Nacional del Callao, PE31Peru Section9Peru36.84250Yes
12Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria Lima, PE31Peru Section9Peru35.6250Yes
13Univ Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, PE31Northeast Brazil Section9Brazil34.95250Yes
14Costa Rica Instituto Tecnologico De, PE31Costa Rica Section9Costa Rica30250Yes
15Universidad Don Bosco, PE31El Salvador Section9El Salvador24.9200Yes
16Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, PE31South Brazil Section9Brazil24.51200Yes
17Univ Federal De Tocantins, PE31Centro-Norte Brasil Section9Brazil23.91200Yes
18Escuela Superior Politecnica Del Litoral, PE31Ecuador Section9Ecuador21.9200Yes
19Centroamericana Univ Jose Simeon Canas,PE31El Salvador Section9El Salvador19.6200Yes
20Asuncion Univ Nacional De, PE31Paraguay Section9Paraguay16.77200Yes
21Univ Federal Da Bahia, PE31Northeast Brazil Section9Brazil13.4150Yes
22Universidad De Chile,PE31Chile Section9Chile13.2150Yes
23Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP),PE31South Brazil Section9Brazil11.81150Yes
24Universidade de Brasilia, PE31Centro-Norte Brasil Section9Brazil11.7150Yes
25Instituto Federal Fluminense, Campos-Centro,PE31Rio De Janeiro Section9Brazil11.2150Yes
26Univ Estadual De Maringa, PE31South Brazil Section9Brazil7.91150Yes
27Universidad de Costa Rica, PE31Costa Rica Section9Costa Rica7.8150Yes
28Sao Carlos Escola De Eng, PE31South Brazil Section9Brazil4.9150Yes
29Faculdade de Tecnologia Senai Cimatec, PE31Northeast Brazil Section9Brazil3.95150Yes
30Universidad Catolica de Bolivia La Paz,PE31Bolivia Section9Bolivia-0No
31Inst Fed de Educacao Ciencia e Tec da Paraiba,PE31Northeast Brazil Section9Brazil-0No
32Univ Salvador, PE31Northeast Brazil Section9Brazil-0No
33Cefet/Rj-Centro Federal De Educ Tec Csf, PE31Rio De Janeiro Section9Brazil-0No
34Universidad Tecnologica de Campeche,PE31Mexico Section9Mexico-0No
35Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla, PE31Puebla Section9Mexico-0No
36Universidad Veracruzana Sede Coatzacoalcos,PE31Veracruz Section9Mexico-0No

IEEE Region 10 (Asia and Pacific)

1st IEEE R10 position
College of Engineering - Karunagappally PES SB chapter
"For leadership in and contributions toward the extraordinary growth in the awareness and encouraging undergraduate engineering students by continue doing technical activities, membership recognition activities."

2nd IEEE R10 position
Indian Institute of Technology-Mandi PES SB chapter
"For achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals by doing serval Humanitarian activities and technical activities for the benefits of local community."

3rd IEEE R10 position
Taxila Univ of Engineering and Tech PES SB chapter
"For the significant technical activities and engaging IEEE Students members with PES activities."


Regional positionOfficial IEEE PES SB chapter nameIEEE SectionIEEE RegionCountryFinal PES HPSBCP score (%)Reward (US$)PES HPSBCP
1College of Engineering - Karunagappally,PE31Kerala Section10India62.75500Yes
2Indian Institute of Technology-Mandi,PE31Delhi Section10India47.88400Yes
3Taxila Univ of Engineering and Tech,PE31Islamabad Section10Pakistan42.64300Yes
4Marian Engineering College,PE31Kerala Section10India41.47250Yes
5North South University, PE31Bangladesh Section10Bangladesh36.02250Yes
6Central University of Karnataka,PE31Bangalore Section10India35.07250Yes
7Basaveshwar Engineering College,PE31Bangalore Section10India34.94250Yes
8Amrita School of Engineering Bangalore,PE31/IA34Bangalore Section10India34.84250Yes
9Ned Univ of Eng And Tech, PE31Karachi Section10Pakistan33.34250Yes
10Trivandrum College of Engineering,PE31Kerala Section10India32.47250Yes
11Sri Sai Ram Engineering College,PE31Madras Section10India31.88250Yes
12Vardhaman College of Engrg-Shamshabad,PE31Hyderabad Section10India31.38250Yes
13Dayananda Sagar College Of Engineering, PE31Bangalore Section10India30.2250Yes
14Panimalar Institute of Technology - CHENNAI,PE31Madras Section10India29.31250Yes
15S. B. Jain Institute of Tech Nagpur,PE31Bombay Section10India28.21250Yes
16College of Engineering Adoor,PE31Kerala Section10India27.81250Yes
17Vaagdevi College Of Eng - Warangal, PE31Hyderabad Section10India26.97250Yes
18Indian Inst Of Technology-Kanpur,PE31Uttar Pradesh Section10India26.97250Yes
19Chengannur College of Engineering,PE31Kerala Section10India26.67250Yes
20Vidya Vardhaka College of Engineering,PE31Bangalore Section10India26.6250Yes
21B. M. Sreenivasalah College of Engg,SEN39/PE31Bangalore Section10India25.3250Yes
22Global Academy of Tech,PE31Bangalore Section10India24200Yes
23Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology,PE31Delhi Section10India23.25200Yes
24MES College of Engineering - Kuttippuram,PE31Kerala Section10India23.08200Yes
25TKM College of Engineering,PE31Kerala Section10India22.61200Yes
26Vimal Jyothi Engineering College,PE31Kerala Section10India22.37200Yes
27Viswajyothi College Of Eng,PE31Kerala Section10India22.37200Yes
28NSS College Of Engineering, PE31Kerala Section10India22.29200Yes
29Jayamukhi Inst Of Technological Sciences, PE31Hyderabad Section10India21.54200Yes
30College of Engineering Trikaripur,PE31Kerala Section10India21.4200Yes
31Univ of Engineering and Tech - Lahore,PE31Lahore Section10Pakistan20.38200Yes
32Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, PE031Kerala Section10India20.28200Yes
33Dayananda Sagar Academy of Tech and Man,PE31Bangalore Section10India19.94200Yes
34Rajagiri School Of Engineering & Tech,PE31Kerala Section10India19.5200Yes
35Universiti Tenaga Nasional,PE31Malaysia Section10Malaysia18.64200Yes
36St Joseph's College Of Eng & Tech-Palai,PE31Kerala Section10India18.6200Yes
37Government Engineering College-Thrissur,PE31Kerala Section10India18.6200Yes
38BRAC University,PE31Bangladesh Section10Bangladesh18.37200Yes
39Sree Chitra Thirunal College of Eng,PE31Kerala Section10India18.07200Yes
40Mara University of Technology-Shah Alam,PE31Malaysia Section10Malaysia17.94200Yes
41University of Moratuwa-Sri Lanka,PE31Sri Lanka Section10Sri Lanka17.9200Yes
42University of Queensland,PE31Queensland Section10Australia16.9200Yes
43A.D. Patel Institute of Technology,PE31Gujarat Section10India16.61200Yes
44Dr. Akhilesh Das Gupta Inst of Tech & Mgmt, PE31Delhi Section10India16.6200Yes
45Mar Baselios Christian College of Engg & Tech,PE31Kerala Section10India16.41200Yes
46Wollongong Univ Of, PE31New South Wales Section10Australia15.4200Yes
47Visvesvaraya Univ College of Engrg,PE31Bangalore Section10India15.37200Yes
48G Pulla Reddy Engrg College,PE31Hyderabad Section10India14.7150Yes
49UCET - The Islamia University of Bahawalpur,PE31Lahore Section10Pakistan14.44150Yes
50PEC University of Technology - Chandigarh,PE31Delhi Section10India13.17150Yes
51Saintgits College of Engineering,PE 31Kerala Section10India13.1150Yes
52Cochin Univ of Science & Tech,PE31Kerala Section10India12.97150Yes
53Ahsanullah Univ Of Science & Tech,PE31Bangladesh Section10Bangladesh12.9150Yes
54Rashtreeya Vidyalaya College of Engineering,PE31Bangalore Section10India12.8150Yes
55Musaliar College of Engg Chirayinkeezhu,PE31Kerala Section10India12.74150Yes
56Bangladesh Univ Of Engineering & Tech,PE31Bangladesh Section10Bangladesh12.7150Yes
57Univ College of Eng - Osmania Univ-HYDERABAD,PE31Hyderabad Section10India12.14150Yes
58Tsinghua University,PE31Beijing Section10China11150Yes
59College of Engineering, Thalassery,PE31Kerala Section10India10.64150Yes
60The Northcap University,PE31Delhi Section10India9.5150Yes
61Adi Shankara Inst of Engineering & Tech,PE31Kerala Section10India7.5150Yes
62Beijing Jiaotong University,PE31Beijing Section10China-0No