Taskforce on Operational Tools for Enabling Resiliency

Power System Operation, Planning, and Economics (PSOPE) Committee

Bulk Power Systems Operation (BPSO) Subcommittee

Scope of TF

This taskforce will focus on:

  1. Outlining challenges with performance of existing operational tools during extreme
    operating events (cascading failures, natural disasters, cyber-attacks). At present
    measurements and software in control centers are intended to meet operational
    reliability / security criteria (N-1/N-2). No commercial software exists for identifying the most critical problems and actions during (N-k) outages, k>>2.
  2. Operation of bulk power system with assets in distribution grids and DERs need to be further investigated.
  3. Pose the basic objectives and offer solutions for the operational tools needed for resilient operations with a) situational awareness with reduced set of measurements and degraded cyber infrastructure supporting the operation; b) decision tools for managing available resources to maximize resiliency; c) new market design to increase system flexibility via demand response to frequency changes and distributed hierarchical control system.
  4. Create system examples for demonstrating the challenges and opportunities driven by real events.

Background on TF

Adopt resiliency definition from IEEE PES TF, CIGRE and FERC definition with slight

  1. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) “The ability to withstand and reduce the magnitude and/or duration of disruptive events, which include the capacity to anticipate, absorb, adapt to, and/or rapidly recover from such an event.”
  2.  IEEE PES PSDP Resilience TF with CIGRE 4.47, “CIGRE 4.47 and IEEE PSDP Resilience TF, “Power system resilience is the ability to limit the network-wise [alt. grid-wise or spatial] extent, severity, and duration of system degradation following an extreme event.”

Liason to community

This taskforce will liaison to:

  • IEEE PSDP Resiliency TF
  • IEEE T&D Distribution System Resiliency
  • CIGRE 4.47
  • CIGRE 2.25

Planned deliverables

  • Year 1: Engaging diverse membership and brainstorming (coordinating with existing PES PSDP activities on definition and metrics for resilience WG, joint group on resilience, CIGRE WG 4.47 and 2.25, PES T&D Distribution System Resiliency)
  • Year 2: Assess performance challenges and performance of existing operational tools in extreme events. Organize panels and create white paper
  • Year 3: White paper and panel and facilitate advanced resiliency management system tools to measure operational resilience and enabling operational resilience
  • Year 4 and future: Work with industry to provide reports on mathematical challenges and solutions for operational resilience tool developments

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