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Tunisia is a unique and young democracy, suffering from evident disparities facing new technologies, some regions/zones received an unequal share of the development process. There are still areas where people have very little access to technology. For the new generation of young students this has a direct impact on their future and their ability to change their conditions.

High tech enabled education, based on robotics, is available in a very limited regions of our country while inner and rural regions still in need of such initiatives. Therefore, humanitarian activities are really needed in Tunisia essentially to mind the Gap and to offer a form of equality by supporting communities to access to educational robotics when this is not possible using their own resources.

The IEEE HAC Robotics for Equality and Democracy is a program that tries to improve the education system in poor schools by organizing many robotic activities based on low-cost platforms such as the Arduino and Edu-AR platforms. The program is an extension of the Robotics for democracy program, which is a RAS pragram,  it is based on training educators and supporting them so that they can spread the educational robotics activities with their pupils, and then make them competing in Robotic Challenges.



It will be held at Nabeul, Tunisia, from 29th of July to 03rd of August 2019.

Vtools Link : https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/199180


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