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Technology Policy & Ethics: September 2017

Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems: Why Principles Matter

by Alan Winfield and Mark Halverson

In this article, we trace the development of general principles for artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous systems, from Asimov to the current time, and the standards that are now emerging from those principles. In the context of this article a general principle is defined simply as a rule, or guide to action, which embodies an underlying ethical principle.

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Upsetting the Apple Cart – Are FinTechs a Threat to Banks?

by Heike Menne-Spohr and Dr. Mohammad Saud Khan

Financial technology or FinTech, is a business which mainly uses software to provide financial services to customers, thereby, disrupting the traditional financial landscape, which focuses more on what the banks will offer and less on what the customer wants. FinTechs are affecting the way people think about banking and how they do their banking. They are attracting millennials (born between 1982 and 2004), who are high earning customers prioritising fast, easy, flexible, and inexpensive banking solutions over personal services. Big data companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook are also accessing this market and add an additional dimension to mobile banking.

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