Technology Policy & Ethics – November 2018

Smart Town Traffic Management System Using LoRa and Machine Learning Mechanism

By Seung Byum Seo and Dhananjay Singh

In this article we propose a customized Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) architecture and machine learning mechanism adaptable to a smart town’s traffic management system. LoRa, also known as Long Range Wide Area Network, is a new technology used for LPWAN [1]. This proposal focuses on a smart town, a smaller concept than a smart city, in order to detour the challenges for simulation and provide high-quality service to a small community. By integrating concepts from wireless communication, traffic theory, and machine learning, the proposed cloud platform provides a powerful traffic management model for the smart town. The proposed customized LoRa architecture is not only suitable for manageability, but also for scalability. Our goal is to develop a real-time testbed solution in order to conduct performance analysis and verification of the competency of our model in a real-world scenario.

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