Technology Policy & Ethics – November 2016

Ethics, Policymakers and Technology Development

Recent events illustrate the societal implications of ethical lapses

By Greg Adamson

Technology’s impact on society has likely been fodder for thought since humans began making stone tools. But in the 21st century, technology development is taking place at greater speeds and with greater potential impacts on society than ever before. At this point, we have enough experience and historical precedent to enable us to not only consider technology’s potential impacts, but to shape those impacts via public policy. In fact, specific technologies – artificial intelligence (AI) comes to mind – are being developed faster than we can understand their implications and shape their future. Not even the technologists involved know where AI is heading or can forecast its societal implications.

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The Slow Tech Journey: An Approach to Teaching Corporate Social Responsibility  – Part 1

By Rebecca Lee Hammons, Norberto Patrignani, and Diane Whitehouse

There is a need for action research in secondary and higher-education curriculum to focus and expand on the Slow Tech journey for Good, Clean and Fair technology business practices. These practices support our environmental and societal need for greater corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the development of information and computer technology (ICT). CSR policies and practices are optional for ICT companies, yet many of their choices and behaviors have significant and long-lasting, if not irreversible, impacts on our people and our planet.

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