Technology Policy & Ethics – March 2017

Internet of Threats and the Context Aware Security: Part Two

by Junaid Chaudhry, Ahmed Ibrahim, and Ali Kashif Bashir

In part one of this two part article, we discussed fundamental issues with the Internet of Things (read it here). In this article, we present some of the technical issues with the Internet of Things that could prove as the downfall of the Internet of Things.

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Big Data, Analytics, and Technology’s Impacts on Society

by Lyria Bennett Moses and Greg Adamson

The social implications of technology have been with us for as long as humans have created technology, which is to say as long as we’ve been human.

In Paleolithic times, stone tools could be used to kill game or fellow humans. In Greek mythology, Icarus’ hubris was enabled by technology. In our time, headline revelations about National Security Agency spying, Anonymous’ hacking, and security breaches at Sony, at Target – you name it – no longer shock us.

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