Technology Policy & Ethics – January 2017

Internet of Threats and the Context Aware Security: Part One

by Junaid Chaudhry, Ahmed Ibrahim, and Ali Kashif Bashir

“Internet of Things” (IoT): The assignment of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to a plethora of devices, which lets them perform mundane tasks has left information security engineers with extensive grounds to cover. This causes concerns in technology acquisition. The volume of investment is estimated to be more than 1.7 trillion dollars by 2019 among end users, and 3.7 billion dollars among investors.

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Privacy in the Internet of Things: Regulation vs. Innovation

by Cigdem Sengul

Every investor, innovator, and potential consumer of an IoT-based application asks the same set of questions: Is it useful? Does it work? Can I trust it? Among the three, the trust question is critical, as IoT extends to everyday items not normally considered computers, allowing them to generate, exchange and consume data with minimal human intervention.

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