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Checking the pulse to reach the sky

Fitbit has signed an agreement with NASA to provide 1,000 of its Fitbit Charge 4 wearables to NASA personnel, including its 150 astronauts. The wearables will be connected to the Work Daily Check-in platform were data analytics will evaluate the probability that the data provided by the wearables signify a …

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Megatrends for this decade XXXI

The evolution of healthcare in this decade will be sustained by the convergence of several technology areas, each progressing independently from one another under the pressure of demand from several markets: ambient, wearable and implantable sensors There are already millions of wearables in use that monitors some basic physiological parameters. …

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Looking at your genes through your watch

As shown in the graphics the ten big Tech companies are focussing their investment in the area of healthcare primarily on data analytics and genomics. Actually, these two areas are progressing hand in hand, with genomics leveraging on analytics to discover meaning. One has to read in this perspective the …

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Wearables may be accurate enough to save lives

Just two years ago I was at a conference discussing the value of wearable as medical devices. The general mood among practitioners was that their accuracy was too low and too dependent on the way they were used to take the data generated into any consideration. The situation, however, seems …

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Wearable ultrasound sensor

Just yesterday I was discussing at a University of Trento master course  how technology evolution is leading to disruptions in several areas. One of the areas I mentioned was health care. In this area the sequencing of the genome is going to become a standard procedure for newborns in the …

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Getting 5G in your sweater

5G is going to be a sort of umbrella connecting a variety of things using different frequencies and different protocols. IoT will be part of the 5G “ecosystems” and the evolution of materials and production processes promises to extend the range of objects that can be IoT, by embedding electronics, …

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