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Personal Digital Twins: Memes 2.0 – IV

How could Personal Digital Twins be connected to the idea of memes 2.0? When will they have an impact? Well, look at the graphic: that curve is representing the Amara’s law (or I would say “Amara’s observation”). When we look at new, emerging, technologies we usually perceive them as more …

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Robots get fired too!

It turns out that robots can be fired too, for low performance! Walmart started a project one year ago employing robots to track inventory in some 500 of their stores. The robots were designed and produced by Bossa Nova (watch the clip), a Pittsburg based start up. Their robots can …

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Groceries from the sky

Next week, on Wednesday Sept 16th, Walmart will start delivering groceries, flying actually, to people in North Carolina living within a 6 miles radius from their store and having a backyard garden to receive the groceries from the sky. The service will make use of drones provided by Flytrex, an …

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Integrated Visual Augmentation System(s)

At the end of November 2018 Microsoft has won a 480 million $ two year contract to create a virtual environment for US Army soldiers based on Hololens technology that may result in the use of 100,000 VR headsets by US Army to train soldiers, rehearse the battle field before …

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Robots apply for janitor jobs, and are hired!

Walmart announced the hiring of 360 janitors for its stores in US. This makes the news because the janitors are not human beings, rather robots endowed with artificial intelligence. Indeed, these will be smart robots. They will sweep the floor and will also collect data as they move along the …

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Autonomous robot-bees on the horizon

This is a nice news, at least that’s how I see it, because it points out that the world we live in is amazingly complex in its simplicity. You see meadows and buzzing bees and that’s it. No reason to give a second thoughts about that. Yet, that is a …

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