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Moving your fingers in the cyberspace

Sony researchers were due to present a paper at CHI 2020,  scheduled at the end of April in Honolulu, Hawaii, but because of the epidemic the conference was cancelled. Their paper, however, is available. And it is a paper worth reading. The title, “Evaluation of Machine Learning Techniques for hand …

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The evolution of human to whatever Interfaces III

Clearly there is much more than voice based interaction.  So let’s explore other technologies and their implication first by looking at voice (and typing that we have already considered) alternative technologies and then taking the plunge into multimodal interactions (that is our natural way of interacting as human being!). Let’s …

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Building a Smart City from scratch – V

5. Augmented Reality There are plenty of apps you can use in a urban area to overlay information on city places and buildings. Hence, it is no surprise that artificial intelligence is included among the main technologies BleuTech will be adopting in their building of the BleuTech Park. What I …

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