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Integrated Visual Augmentation System(s)

At the end of November 2018 Microsoft has won a 480 million $ two year contract to create a virtual environment for US Army soldiers based on Hololens technology that may result in the use of 100,000 VR headsets by US Army to train soldiers, rehearse the battle field before …

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2019 Tech Trends II

Following on yesterday’s post on 2019 top tech trends let’s look at the remaining 5 technologies that are expected to have broad dissemination and high impact in 2019: Active security protection – the person that invented the ship also invented the shipwreck and the castaway. This is a truth that applies …

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Care for a stroll in Rome, year 320 AD?

It would be nice to have a time machine a go back in the past. Rather than studying on history books live the life of our ancestors just for a day, walk along their trails like a ghost observing what goes (went) on. Virtual reality technology is here to help. …

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VR in education

What is most important to be competitive in the market? Innovation, key technology, capital? None of the above, according to a report from the Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte focussing on US. In the next decade, according to this report there will be a demand for 3.5 million manufacturing jobs (in …

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Education: disruptions ahead? – II

Basic education and just in time education The need to acquire a basic education, i.e. the capability to learn –including learning to communicate verbally and of reading  /written communications may fade away, possibly not in this timeframe but in the long run/, the capability to understand logical structures and math, …

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Is 5G the solution? – III

Following on the previous posts looking at the “5 reasons why 5g is the Future“: 4. Immersive Entertainment The article points out that the increased capacity offered by 5G will support the growing demand of video consumption (yes, that extra spectrum will surely be put to use) and it will …

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Would you like a jump seat in a F1 car?

Simulators have become very effective, to the point that pilots, both racing cars and flight pilots, are making extensive use of them and amateurs can experience a virtual trill that is getting more and more engaging as the transducers are becoming more and more sophisticated. Virtual reality goggles are providing …

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AR taking the upper hand on VR

Virtual Reality appeared as concept back in the middle of 1980ies and thanks to the amazing progress in processing capacity (highly needed to create artificial images) and in wearable devices has found a few niches, mostly in gaming with some application in design and manufacturing. Augmented Reality came a bit …

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Perceptive Teleportation

“Beam me up Scotty”, some of you might remember this catchphrase from Star Trek where teleportation was a convenient “commodity” to move people from a planet to the the Enterprise space ship. If you take a look at the “technology” that was imagined at that time (and it was a …

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