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A glimpse on 2025 – III

5. Friction-less communication Digitization is now everywhere: our world of atoms is cresting a parallel world of bits at an unprecedented rate: some 1.7 Mbyte per person per second! This figure includes everything, data created by taking a photo with a smartphone, songs, mails, tweets, design of industrial components, tracking …

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A glimpse on 2025 – II

Continuing the analyses of the Huawei’s proposed 2025 technology trends: 3. Super Sight Augmented and Virtual Reality are quite widespread if we think, as an example, about the use of a smartphone as a lens providing a translation of a text by overlaying the translated text on the original one …

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DT evolution in Manufacturing – XVII

The Digital Transformation -DX- is ongoing and, actually, it has been accelerated by the pandemic that forced many companies to move as much as possible of their activities to the cyberspace. As shown in the graphic, Digital Twins are tools that support operation in the cyberspace for many entities and …

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Beam me up!

Dr. Josef Schmid, a flight surgeon, and his team were teleported to the International Space Station in October 2021 as part of an experiment to plan the way for telemedicine in space. The ISS was (and is) travelling at 28,000 kmh orbiting at 400 km above the Earth surface. NASA …

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Digital Transformation vs the Metaverse

Last month the Technology Vision 2022 organised by Accenture took place in the Metaverse. If you missed it, it was great!, you can still re-live the experience by watching the recording of the event shown in the clip (it is about an hour and it is worth watching). They called …

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Personal Digital Twins: What Data?

Having discussed a possible classification of data with respect to their sharing (access, usage, exploitation rights) the question is on what data can/should be part of a PDT. The discussion was steered by a presentation of a data “landscape”, as shown in the image. The representation is interesting because it …

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Ready to lick your screen?

At a time when we are told to wear a mask, wash our hands carefully the idea of licking a screen at a restaurant doesn’t seem to be in synch with the time. Yet, this is the idea, actually more than an idea, coming out of Tokyo Meiji University: want …

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Education and Training Metaverse

These last two years have seen millions of students, and million of professionals, taking courses on the web. Remote education has become a way of life for many creating issues to both students and teachers. The basic, and most common, approach has been to create a communication link through the …

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Teaching AR vs Teaching through AR

5 billion smartphones and tablets provide a huge platform to deliver augmented reality content everywhere to everybody. The growth and pervasiveness of high speed communication infrastructures (wifi, 4 and 5G) plus the huge storage capacity of devices (acting as a local solution where connectivity is not available) is another enabling …

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