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Augmented Reality in the Operating Room

Augmented reality is slowly, but definitely, entering the Operating Rooms in many hospitals around the world to help the surgeons and the operating team. We have seen surgeons wearing the Google Glass (you can find a comprehensive review of their use here) and as technology evolves, both in terms of …

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Taking AR to OR

I had a chance of interacting, several years ago, with LeRoy Heinrichs, a doctor/scientist at Stanford. He showed me how they were training the future surgeons (he was specialised in gynaecology) by using a sort of virtual setting. The real surgeon used a scalpel on the real patient and that …

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The near Future for Augmented Reality – II

2. AR as a new way of shopping According to Gartner AR (and VR) technologies have moved quickly on the emerging technology hype cycle curve reaching the point of industrial application (slope of enlightenment) and they are expecting 100 million people using AR in 2020 for their shopping (both on …

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A quick view at Digital Transformation

Yesterday I gave a talk on Digital Transformation at COMPSAC, here’s the gist of it. In the beginning, there were atoms, and we aggregated atoms into products, we invented tools, processes for managing atoms and our job was to make and use those tools and the processes linking the various …

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Mediated sight

NASA has announced working on a supersonic plane, the X-59, that will be able to cross the sound barrier (1234km/h in dry air at 20°C, an easy number to remember) without producing the sonic “bang”.  Such a plane would be able to pass the speed of sound over inhabited area …

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