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Hands-free farming

Being a farmer meant spending a good deal of your life in the open, tilling, seeding, weeding, watering and harvesting. A lot of these activities have been made easier, and more effective, over the last fifty years by using machines to the point that today a farmer is more similar …

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Vertical Farms

Vertical farms are moving from concept to industrial reality. The concept is easy: rather than using land to grow vegetables let’s use vertical structures. It is obvious that this reduces the amount of land for a given surface. There is more. The vertical “walls” on which to grow the vegetable …

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Vertical Harvest

This Summer I spent a (short) one-week vacation in Jackson Hole, WY, and right in front of the hotel was a strange looking building, several stories high made of steel and glass, with illumination through the day and night in green, blue, magenta and yellow (look at the clip). It …

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