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The many faces of Digital Transformation – The Enablers XI

Business Enablers The Digital Transformation is happening because there are strong economic/business motivations. These can be clustered under the areas of Operational Improvements and Growth Drivers. I mentioned these two areas in this order because existing industries are mostly driven by operational efficiency and only look at growth as a …

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Platforms, present and future II

There are platforms and then there are platforms In the opening post of this series I considered the “big nine” mostly from the point of view of their capability to offer storage, processing and access (this latter mediated by Internet). These nine platforms are quite different from one another, as …

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Green Mode? You can choose

Lyft, a ride-hailing company, is trying to differentiate its offer from Uber. It has focussed at the business market trying to become the ride-hailing company for companies by striking agreement with several of them in their US market to carry their employees. Last week it has included in the app …

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Are flying cars around the corner?

Uber has just signed the agreement with NASA to cooperate in making flying cars (taxis in their case) a reality. The news has been taken by many newspaper and televisions around the world an this follows the announcement made few months ago in Dubai to prepare a taxi service that …

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A chip for machine learning

ARM has announced the Cortex-A75 processor, an evolution of its Cortex CPU line.  Interestingly, in their announcement ARM is making explicit reference to machine learning applications. It is the first time, as far as I remember, that the increasing performances of a chip are emphasised targeting AI and Machine Learning. …

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