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Self, selves and emerging self -II

Mind’s I – Our cognitive self We know more than the ownership of our body, that’s my hand, that’s where it is right now, that is where I want it to be next. We know that we are “we”. We can think about ourselves and we know that we are …

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Transhumanism: Increasing Human Thought Capabilities VI

Providing more resilience to the thinking activity (including more focus) Thinking activity, as any other brain process, is the result of the activation/deactivation of millions, billions neurones and synapses. In turns, these activation/deactivation is influenced by several chemical substances floating in the brain. Improving thinking activity therefore can be pursued …

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Transhumanism: Increasing Human Thought Capabilities II

The increase of thinking capabilities can be pursued by: “engineering” a better “brain” (pretty though, since we do not know yet how it works nor how the genome is shaping it …) Improving processing capabilities through focused stimulation better exploiting its capabilities, including establishing better connection with it, feeding more pertinent …

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Transhumanism: Evolving the Human Body IX

Enhanced Intelligence and digital hardware enhancement We are the expression of our genes. However, this expression is influenced by a variety of environmental factors. Take the ability to play piano. Yes there are some people that are more inclined to music (musical ear we say) but it is unlikely that …

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Brainternet: a peek into the future?

Back in 2017, that’s long time ago!, a university project Brainternet, made the headlines of several news. The project was (and still is) carried out at the Wits University, Johannesburg, South Africa, and by leveraging on portable (wearable) EEG harvested the signals resulting from the electrical activity of the brain …

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