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Humans vs machines: Who’s winning? -II

Machine over man Extending our sphere of knowledge by using machines as tools is a grand idea…as long as we’re on the winning side. But are we truly still in command of our intelligent machine creations? If the answer to this is “no,” we may find that we have a …

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Transhumanism: Increasing Human Thought Capabilities VII

In this second round of posts on Transhumanism, stimulated both by reading the Frost&Sullivan report on Transhumanism and by the preparation of the second White Paper on Symbiotic Autonomous Systems I have addressed the possibilities of increasing human thought capabilities. Clearly I expressed very personal opinions on the feasibility of …

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Transhumanism: Evolving the Human Body VII

Life without disease In the last century health care made incredible progresses. Purified water and better food take the lion share in this progress, although they are often underestimated. Drugs, surgery (enabled by anesthesia), antibiotics and more recently anti-immune therapy have fought diseases that were killing millions of people. On …

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Transhumanism: Evolving the Human Body VI

Enhanced strength We have learnt to enhance our strength centuries, millennia, ago first with lever then harvesting hydraulic and then steam power. Today we have a tremendous array of machines that multiply ur strength. Our body strength has also improved since our ancestors, we have grown taller (10 cm in …

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