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The economics of the Digital Transformation – IX

Cognitive Digital Twins as Intelligent Behaviour As presented, Cognitive Digital Twins were invented for the factory floor to bring processes in the cyberspace. However, the very word chosen, “cognitive”, immediately link to the peculiar capability of humans: “cognition”. This is defined as: the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge …

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The economics of the Digital Transformation – V

Once Leveraging on Data The Digital Transformation accelerates the generation of data and companies are learning to capitalise on those data, sometimes clashing with fuzzy regulation and unclear definition of ownership. Take the example of Tesla. Tesla have been designed through computer modelling and this process generates a digital model …

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How would you like a self-cleaning car?

Our windshield wipers are old stuff, invented by Mary Anderson in 1902 and patented in 1903. They did evolve a a bit from the first version when they were operated by a handle inside the car. The blade material in particular has evolved significantly but you would agree the time …

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Tesla Arcade

Filling her up is not quick if “her” is powered on batteries. Even in the best situation when superchargers are available it would take some 20 minutes. The idea is to recharge the electric car as you do your grocery shopping at the mall or take a coffee and read …

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The rise of Digital Twins

Fifteen years ago at the Future Centre we worked on the idea of a “digital shadow”. We though that as bits were more and more able to “mirror” atoms we would see a growing creation of bit images, virtual images if you want, in the Cyberspace. Having a virtual image …

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A chip for machine learning

ARM has announced the Cortex-A75 processor, an evolution of its Cortex CPU line.  Interestingly, in their announcement ARM is making explicit reference to machine learning applications. It is the first time, as far as I remember, that the increasing performances of a chip are emphasised targeting AI and Machine Learning. …

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