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Ecosystems 2.0 – VI

When I started using internet, some 30+ years ago, the paradigm was to use connectivity to access data. Web 2.0, and now 3.0, plus Digital Transformation turned this paradigm upside down. Now we use data to be connected. It is the triumph of asynchronous communications over synchronous comm. This does …

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The many faces of Digital Transformation – The Enablers XI

Business Enablers The Digital Transformation is happening because there are strong economic/business motivations. These can be clustered under the areas of Operational Improvements and Growth Drivers. I mentioned these two areas in this order because existing industries are mostly driven by operational efficiency and only look at growth as a …

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Present and Future of Communications II

So what will happen next? I closed the (skimpy) overview of the present of telecommunications emphasising the growing role of data and AI. These are the key technologies that will transform communications in the next decades. Talking of decades, we have seen a basic cycle of ten years in wireless …

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Platforms, present and future I

One of the topic addressed in the Digital Transformation Course developed by EIT Digital and IEEE Future Direction in its Digital Reality Initiative is that of Platforms. In these last few weeks I have been discussing platforms with a number of key people in several industries and now I take …

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Digital Transformation – Disruptions II

The second disruption that swept the photographic world was again the result of technology evolution although it was sprinkled with cultural aspects, fuelled by flanking value chains, making this an interesting disruption to analyse. As shown in the graphic produced by the Camera and Imaging Product Association the market of …

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