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Towards Symbiotic Autonomous Systems

I am pleased to announce that the special issue of the Philosophical Transaction of the Royal Society on Symbiotic Autonomous Systems, edited by Okyay Kaynak and Francesco Flammini has been published. It makes for an interesting reading if you are working in the area of autonomous systems, as well as …

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Digital Transformation: Impact on Jobs – III

In March 2019 the OECD published a report “Preparing for the changing Nature of Work in the Digital Era” analysing the various impacts of digitalisation on current work activities. It pointed out that 14% of jobs may disappear as processes and activities (particularly “white collar” activities) move to the cyberspace …

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The thin line between trust and awareness

I have been reading over the last 9 months the reports on the crashes, first of the Lion Air  and then of the Ethiopian, 737MAX. In both cases the automated system (MCAS) Boeing developed to correct the potential danger of stall played a role in the fatal outcome. It is …

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From Digital Reality to Reality – IV

I pointed out how the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative foresees a seamless “adsorption” of the cyberspace –and of smart machines- in our perceived reality space. Actually, the Initiative foresees a convergence that results in a symbioses of humans and machines but if we look at this from our –human- standpoints …

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And Ai begot AI

Kaggle is a website (and a company) dedicated to data scientists where data science projects are published to exchange experience. It is becoming addictive if you are in the field and this is further enhanced by competitions that are being set up challenging those passionate in leveraging data in finding new, …

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