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From Digital Reality to Reality – IV

I pointed out how the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative foresees a seamless “adsorption” of the cyberspace –and of smart machines- in our perceived reality space. Actually, the Initiative foresees a convergence that results in a symbioses of humans and machines but if we look at this from our –human- standpoints …

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And Ai begot AI

Kaggle is a website (and a company) dedicated to data scientists where data science projects are published to exchange experience. It is becoming addictive if you are in the field and this is further enhanced by competitions that are being set up challenging those passionate in leveraging data in finding new, …

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Virtual, Augmented and … Delayed Reality

Our brain is constantly seeking to understand the environment, not in terms of asking profound questions about existence (this is a peculiar pastime we have invented over the last 10,000 years) rather in terms of capturing reality and taking action if action is needed (fight or flee). The information coming …

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Augmented … Chickens

Humans have changed their ecosystem in many ways, we see signs everywhere and yet we are so used to the here and now that we don’t even notice the profound changes we made. Take chickens, as a point in case. I remember some 30 years ago I went to Cuba …

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