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Symphony of humans and machines or “Modern Times”?

Robots are becoming a ubiquitous presence in factories and warehouses. There are not just “more” robots, they are requiring and establishing a different relationship with human beings, actually I should say with their “co-workers”. This is a step in the direction foreseen by the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative (now merged …

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Could earphones get as smart as the brain?

I cannot help but be amazed at how something  we not even notice being so natural, turns out to be extremely complex and difficult when we attempt to replicate in an artefact (e.g. implement that functionality in a computer). This is the case I became aware of when reading an …

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Human AI Symbioses

I listened to an interview to Elon Musk, watch the clip, where he was asked about his new venture, Neuralink, objective. The journalists asked if he was aiming at implanting a chip in our brain that would enable the transfer of knowledge to from the brain. Elon Musk said yes, …

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