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Drones swarm in action

The Israeli attack to Gaza in mid-May 2021, was probably the first example of using drone swarm technology in the field. I am looking at it only from the technical side leaving out all (most important) aspects of “right vs wrong” usage. Each drone is an autonomous system with its …

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Post-Pandemic Scenarios – XXX – Drones

The drone sector has evolved in a complex ecosystem including thousands of companies catering from manufacturing to operation, software development for control and for deployment in different fields. According to Forrester, drones are enabling the Digital Automation in the air. The FTI’s report highlights the disruptive impact that drones are …

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Self, selves and emerging self -V

Selves and Emerging super self We are clearly moving towards mixed teams, humans and machines operating hand in hand, learning from each other. The relation may become as spontaneous as the one experienced today in human teams (I am using the term “team” in a broad sense, including an aggregation …

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SAS Delphi results – Machine Swarms

Area 7 – Machine Swarms Artificial intelligence and advances in processing, including neuromorphic computing, are opening the door to machine awareness. Machines that understand what is going on, why it is happening and what is the purpose. The question whether a machine that is aware is also perceiving itself as …

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Towards self organising networks

One of the potential of 5G is its capability to hand over the control of communications resources to applications/users. These can self organise their network capabilities/resources. To what extent this will happen remains to be seen, since Network Operators are not likely to open up their network resources. Network slicing …

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Who is in charge?

We are used to amazing sights, like the one in the picture with thousands of starlings performing complex choreographies and we are temped to ask ourselves who is in charge for that? Is there a “master” starling directing the choreography? Similarly if we look at a swarm of bees. The …

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