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Platforms, present and future IX

6. Device/product platforms: I stated in the first post in this series that a technical platform support processing, storage and communications. Now, let’s look at a smartphone. Doesn’t it support processing, storage and communications? Of course it does (and it does much more, like sensing). We often underestimate the power of …

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Will digital storage ever be enough?

There should be a point where capacity growth will exceed demand, shouldn’t it? It might, but so far it hasn’t been the case. My first compact flash storage was a huge 32MB, I won’t be able to squeeze a single photo I am taking today with my DSRL camera (an …

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Faster than faster: Optane 800p

Last year Intel, 2017,  announced a memory based on a new technology, 3D XPoint (read 3D crosspoint), providing a faster, cheaper solution than NAND. Non volatile as DRAM (it does not lose its content when power is off) it seemed as a good replacement for NAND but not for DRAM. …

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2 years worth of movies in your pocket

Roughly two years after having developed SSD (Solid State Drive) storage in a size format that is similar to a cigarette box (a bit thinner, actually) with a capacity of 15.36TB, Samsung is now delivering in the same size 30.72TB, a huge storage capacity that would let you store 2 …

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The race to more storage capacity is still on

I haven’t been posted for quite a while news on the evolution of storage performance. Moore’s law has come to a halt in 2015 in terms of economic squeezing of cost per transistor but industry kept working on improving storage media under the pressure of end users demand. The shift …

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