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Ever heard of an anti-solar panel? Here it is.

In a recent paper , published on Joule, Stanford University researchers are reporting the successful creation of a device that is able to generate electricity by exploiting the difference of temperature that can be established during the night between the surrounding air and the surface of the device that is …

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Storing energy may become much more affordable

Technology, both the one used in solar panels and the one used to produce solar panels, keeps getting better, meaning that solar panel are increasing their efficiency (convert more light rays into electricity – today’s mass market solar panels have an efficiency around 20%, the very best, but also very …

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Future and past go hand in hand

Yesterday, I discussed evolution in neuromorphic chips, today let’s take a look at innovating the past with this nice news coming from India: solar powered rickshaws. An auto-rickshaw costs some 1,800 US$ upwards (a tricycle powered by a fuel engine) and there are now some e-rickshaws costing in the same …

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