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ElectroSkin for soft robotics

In the last ten years there have been several researches focussing on the creation of a sensory system for robots that could be as effective as the one of animals. Animals have a variety of sensorial capabilities, varying in different species. Most species (probably all) have touch sensors embedded in …

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Building a Smart City from scratch – VII

7. Robotics Smart Cities and smart citizens. This, for quite a while, was the focus of discussion about the evolution of cities. Get ready for an additional player: smart robots. Many companies are now working to offer urban robots to municipalities, business and citizens; the European Commission has funded the …

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Learning from the Octopus

We pick up an apple with the same ease we pick up dough to prepare our pizza (if you are a cooking buff). Yet, the pressure of our fingers varies greatly depending on the object to pick up. This comes natural to us although there is plenty of work  going …

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