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AR to Augment winning chances at poker

Augmented Reality is great, no doubt about it. It let us merge the digital with the physical space. The problem today is that we are missing “tools” that can make this bridge seamless. Sure, I can use my smartphone (and I use it from time to time) to get a …

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From Digital Reality to Reality – VI

Time to do a bit of recapping. I started by noticing that Digital Reality, made possible by technology evolution and its adoption, is creating a new world in the cyberspace, something that was clearly “artificial”. In a little while two forces have started to blur this separation: The easiness of …

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SAS Delphi results – Symbiotic Autonomous Systems

Area 9 – Symbiotic Autonomous Systems The symbioses of life forms and artefacts, human and machines looks like the inevitable evolution, made possible by technology advances, by economic drive and by the increase of wellbeing through augmentation. The separation between ourselves and our artifacts is getting fuzzier as artifacts achieve …

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