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A “magic” ring

In the last few years more and more people have started to turn to their watch to glance at their fitness, how many calories have been burnt through the day, how many steps have been taken, even look at their heart beats through the day. People practicing sports have been …

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Home-centric Hospital

We have seen over the last 70 years a progressive squeezing of size and decreasing of price of high tech systems to the point that it has become feasible the shift from centralisation to decentralisation. When I started working, “the computer” was a big, costly, machine that could only be …

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AI tested me for Covid,… and I passed

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are working on an AI based test for Covid-19 that uses your voice pattern for analyses by comparing it to the voices of hundreds of thousands of other people, infected and not. You can participate in the trial and get yourself checked here. Once you …

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Digital Healthcare

The disparity in the world healthcare among Countries is huge, as shown in the World Bank data, and, unfortunately, it is no April fools. Bet869ween the Gambia 20$ and the US 9869$ per person per year there is a factor of 493! Now, one might observe that the value of …

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An amazing infrastructure

We are going through something that just 3 months ago was unthinkable and I am amazed how, overall and through the endeavour of millions people around the world, we are copying with it. We are lucky to have a worldwide communications infrastructure, Internet (but it is actually a mesh of …

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