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Human Machine Symbioses

MIT has just announced the establishment of a new research centre, the Lisa Yang Centre for Bionics,  focussing on the fusion of  human body and advanced technology aiming at overcoming disabilities. This includes use of exoskeletons and brain computer interfaces. The centre start with an initial funding of 24 M$ …

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SAS Delphi results – Augmented Humans

Area 3- Augmented Humans Bio-engineering and smart materials are converging in creating implants that can monitor life functions and expand life functionality, like eye implants first designed to recover sight might eventually provide 10x sight capability and extend human sight in the ultraviolet/infrared range (and beyond). DNA and RNA engineering …

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Transhumanism: Evolving the Human Body III

2. Enhanced Sensing A lot of research is ongoing to meet the needs of impaired people who lost completely or partially some of their sense capabilities, be it hearing, seeing, touching, smelling and tasting (the order reflects both the investment and the results obtained so far). Most of the results …

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Human in the loop

Exoskeletons have been around for quite a while, originally aimed at augmenting soldiers capability (decreasing fatigue and helping in carrying heavy loads) and then progressively used to help patient with walking deficit, paralyses and during the rehab. Current exoskeletons are good but not as much as designers would have thought: …

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