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Plastic batteries

The growing usage of renewable sources makes it crucial the management of energy flow, both when there is plenty of it available and no corresponding demand (you want to store the excess production) and when there is no or little availability (no wind, non Sun, …) and the demand exceeds …

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Macro changes ahead – I

I have been asked to provide a really (really!) short presentation, 1 to 2 minutes, to the IEEE Board providing technology evolution forecast for this decade. I started the (recorded) presentation by saying that it was impossible to provide a foresight on tech evolution by looking just at … tech …

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Virtual Power Plant

Tesla makes electric cars and to make them they need to make batteries. Having perfected this technology it was no surprise when Tesla announced battery packs for the home that can be used to store excess power produced by solar panels on the roof to be used once the Sun …

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Leveraging Patterns – VI

Looking a bit further into the future, smart grids can become widespread sensors, covering a factory, a city, a railway infrastructure, a whole region or Country.For sure smart grids will need plenty of data for balancing power demand with power offering and these data are both generated and used within …

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Leveraging Patterns – V

Now, let’s take, as an example, a power utility that has deployed electronic meters to its millions of customers (Italian power distributor Enel has deployed 32 million 2nd generation electronic meters). These meters can measure instantaneous power consumption and communicate data to the cloud. So far data are aggregated in …

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