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AAM: Advanced Air Mobility

It is now a few years that I have seen news on flying cars, actually flying taxis, being just around the corner. There have been a few trials in Dubai and Singapore (the former leveraging on the desert the latter on the harbour to stssy out of the way of …

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Beyond Orwell

Back in 1948 George Orwell imagined a future (1984, nice swapping of digits!) where a Big Brother would be monitoring and controlling our lives. Since those times, technology (both in sensing and communications) has made giant leaps and being monitored is “the normal” way of life, independently of all the …

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Building a Smart City from scratch – X

10. Digital Twin Digital Twins are becoming a widespread reality in many areas, they started to be used in manufacturing and are now expanding into healthcare, education and training … The field of AEC, Architecture Engineering and Construction, is also rapidly deploying the technology. It is starting with office buildings …

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Testing self-driving cars in a smart cyberspace

As part of its Future Mobility Grand Challenge – watch the clip- the UK Government is funding the creation of a sophisticated ambient simulator, OmniCAV,  recreating 32 km of Oxfordshire roads, including rural and village roads. OmiCAV will be used as a testing environment for CAV -Connected Autonomous Vehicles- and it …

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