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Pervasive AI in Soccer (and football)

That Ai is pervasive and supporting more and more activities is not a surprise. However, I should say I was intrigued listening the other day to a radio station focussing on soccer (Radio Sportiva): The discussion was on whether a certain soccer club should buy or not a soccer player …

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Digital Twins at work

Over the last two days I got a deep-dive into the world of Digital Twins, courtesy of Mevea yearly seminar. You can browse the material presented from their website starting next week. You can get a mile high view of Mevea use of Digital Twin technology in the video clip …

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Digital Transformation hits material science

When I was young (that was long long time ago) materials existed in four states: gaseous, liquid, solid and plasma (with this latter reserved for physics buff). It turns out that materials may also exist in a state that is both solid and liquid. Andreas Hermann, at the University of …

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